Friday, July 7, 2017

I'm Doing What I Want!!!

I'm so excited!

"You've been accepted!
Norma ,
Congratulations! We're excited to have you join us on the Zazzle Maker Platform — thank you for choosing us."

I wasn't looking to apply but then I saw it and couldn't help myself. I have purchased items from Zazzle before so I knew they were quality items. I knew that to be associated with them would be an asset.

The application required showing samples of my work and describing the ways that I can customize my creations. I showed them several samples and sent them to some of my links online.

Of course, I thought, "Oh well, I've given it a shot,,,   but I doubt they'll accept me..."

That's my fragile, insecure, inner voice who always questions and second guesses everything I do.
Deeply, I was very hopeful... This is my life's direction and I cannot be the one who stands in my own way!

So, I'm working on my storefront as I write this but it is really a big task and it is taking me away from creating. So that is a minus. But, if I want it, I have to work for it. Right?

I'm at a crossroads of sorts. I'm questioning my talent, questioning the direction I am meant to take. I am streamlining my choices of media, choosing what I love to do most and setting aside things I like to do. 

I am finally where I want to be, able to make choices that are about me without the worry of where my next paycheck is coming from. Financial stability is very important when one wants to follow a creative track! I am free to express myself my way and not worry that people won't like my work or that I will fail (even if the inner voice questions me).

So, as much as I love to explore different media and try them on for size, I am getting more focused. I'm reaching out to others and asking for critical comments, what they see as best, ideas on how I should move forward! Creativity is personal! Ideas are personal! How we represent it is personal!

But, it is meant to touch others!

I want those who come in contact with my art to feel a connection... be empowered spiritually... feel positive and hopeful... garner strength and optimism. They must feel all of this as they wear my art! Tall task, but when I work, I am connected with the medium. I let it be what it wants to be. If it is full of frustration, it doesn't make it past my recycle stash. It must go through a calm, peaceful process! I feel it happening! So, I truly believe, once people touch my creations, they will connect!

So once again, I begin again. And  I will have a successful journey. My spiritual voice always wins over my insecure, fragile voice.


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